Training Programs

Department of Medicine:

Division of Cardiology

Fellowship Program

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Division of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition

Postdoctoral Training in Arteriosclerosis Research

This NIH supported, multidisciplinary training program in arteriosclerosis research supports individuals with MD or PhD degrees for a period of one to three years. Areas of investigation are directed at major questions in lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, coronary artery disease, atherogenesis, vascular biology, retinoid metabolism, epidemiology, and behavioral medicine. Induced mutant mouse models of disease are central to the work of several laboratories; cell and molecular biologic approaches are actively used. Additionally, there are opportunities for clinical investigation.

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Department of Pediatrics:

Post-doctoral Training Program in Cardiovascular Development and Disease in the Young

This is an NIH funded program to train MDs and PhDs motivated to pursue careers in clinical or basic science that focus on cardiac development and pediatric heart disease. The approach to training is multidisciplinary, involving research across collaborating laboratories and focuses on translation between basic research and its clinical application, as well as the identification of clinical questions amenable to solution in the basic research laboratory.

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Department of Pharmacology:

Ph.D. Pre-doctoral Training Program

Within the Graduate Program in Mechanisms of Health and Disease, the Department of Pharmacology offers a Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling Track leading to the Ph.D. degree. Training is focused on both classical principles of pharmacology and more modern biophysical, genetic and computational approaches to the development of new and more specific therapeutic agents to manage human disease. The Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling Track is designed to teach novel approaches to molecular pharmacology to meet the challenges of conducting biomedical research in the era of post-genomic science.

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Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics:

Ph.D. Pre-doctoral Training Program in Cellular Physiology and Biophysics

The objective of the "Cellular Physiology and Biophysics Track" within the Graduate Program in Mechanisms of Health and Disease is to provide a stimulating and supportive environment that enables graduate students to acquire fundamental training in physiology, cellular and molecular biology and biophysics while participating in the rich intellectual life of Columbia University.

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Ph.D. Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral Training Program in Multidisciplinary Training in Translational Cardiovascular Research

The training program in Translational Cardiovascular Research at Columbia University Medical Center is conceived to enhance and ensure the development of cardiovascular scientists who have broadly-based knowledge in the fields of Cardiovascular Cell Biology, Biophysics, Genetics and Genomics, Bio- and Tissue-Engineering and Clinical Sciences. This training program for predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows seeks to train tomorrowâs cardiovascular scientists and prepare them with clinical/pathophysiological insights, thus enabling the development of a group of investigators that is focused upon clinically relevant investigation.

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